Installation & Setup

DeLIGHT image slider WordPress plugin

DeLIGHT works right out of the box. Without changing any setting you can start to add sliders immediately after installation. But in order for you to get the most out of the DeLIGHT plugin, we suggest that you follow the simple installation and setup steps below.

Step 1: Installation

There are two methods to install the DeLIGHT plugin. If the normal installation method (a) is not supported by your web host, you will have to use the alternate option (b).

A. Normal Installation

  1. Login to WordPress Admin and browse to Plugins.
  2. First, click Add New and then click Upload Plugin.
  3. Browse your computer to select “” (it’s the zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest). Click the “Install Now” button.
  4. Once the plugin is installed, click the Activate link.

B. FTP Installation (alternate method)

  1. Use your FTP software to browse to the wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Extract and upload the DeLIGHT-image-slider folder.
  3. Once it’s uploaded, go to your WordPress Admin, browse to Plugins.
  4. Click the DeLIGHT plugin Activate link.

Step 2: Select image width

In order for DeLIGHT to work optimally with your WordPress theme, you have to find out what the best image with is. In order to set the optimal width on the DeLIGHT settings page, you first need to find the width of the main content column of your theme.

Please watch the following video for instructions on how you can find the main content column width of your WordPress theme:

Video courtesy of

Once you have found the width of the main content column follow these steps to change the DeLIGHT image width:

  1. Browse to the DeLIGHT settings page in the WordPress Admin:
    Settings > DeLIGHT Image Slider.
  2. Choose the best image width at the Image width setting. You should choose the width one step larger than the image width of your theme’s content width. Example: If the content width of your theme is 750 pixels you should choose the 800px option.
  3. Click the Update DeLIGHT Settings button.

You can skip this step or contact us if you are not able to find the content width of your theme.

Step 3: Regenerate thumbnails and images

PLEASE NOTE If you have existing images and you want to use those images in a DeLIGHT slider, you will need to regenerate all thumbnails and images. You can do this easily from the DeLIGHT settings page (Settings > DeLIGHT Image Slider):

  1. Simply click the ‘Regenerate thumbs and images’ button.

Please note that it can take a while for all images to regenerate if you have a lot of images in your image library.

Step 4: Add your first slider

The settings page

On the settings page (Settings > DeLIGHT Image Slider) you can select the options you prefer. The following settings will be reflected back in the options when (the Add gallery screen) you add a new slider:

– Slide numbers
– Show image captions
– Slide loop

The above settings can be changed for each slider.

The other options are general options and count for all sliders on your website.

Get DeLIGHT for free!

For a limited time we are giving DeLIGHT away for free. The only thing we ask is your name, e-mail address and a review. That’s it. You will receive DeLIGHT as soon as we release the plugin no later than the end of August 2016.

DeLight - The worlds most simple and easy to use image slider plugin for WordPress

Get DeLIGHT for free

For a limited time we are giving DeLIGHT away for free. The only thing we ask is your name, e-mail address and a review. That’s it. You will receive DeLIGHT as soon as we release the plugin no later than the end of April 2016.

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